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One-on-One E-Mentoring
Matching Sigma Xi Members with Undergraduates Interested in Science and Engineering Careers

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Through all my years since 1969, men have outnumbered women in engineering and scientific fields by a huge margin. It is clear that much more work is required to achieve complete equality in the workplace.
Joseph McGrath, MentorNet Mentor, SGI/Los Alamos National Laboratory

Worldwide, women are still under-represented in the fields of engineering, science, math and technology. In the United States, for example, women comprise nearly 50 percent of the workforce, but account for less than 12 percent of all U.S. engineers and less than 30 percent of all U.S. scientists. These gaps are even more acute for minority women entering these fields.

The good news: Studies suggest that women engineering and science students who are involved in mentoring relationships with either women or men mentors are more committed to and more likely to persist in their fields of study, and are also more likely to earn degrees in engineering, related sciences and technology, and math.

What can Sigma Xi members do about this imbalance? One efficient and convenient way to make a difference is to mentor a student. Through a partnership with MentorNet Sigma Xi members now have the opportunity to be matched with promising undergraduates in structured one-on-one e-mail mentoring relationships.

This mentoring relationship has given me an advantage - I have some eyes inside the industry - and that will work in my favor as I plan my career.
Barbara Bazemore, MentorNet Student, Tidewater Community College

To get a personal view of the impact that MentorNet has on participants, view a video of mentors and proteges describing their mentornet experience OR read stories and quotes from actual mentors and proteges.

About MentorNet:
MentorNet is the award-winning nonprofit e-mentoring network that addresses the retention and success of women in engineering, science and mathematics. Founded in 1997, MentorNet provides highly motivated proteges from many of the world's top colleges and universities with positive, one-on-one, email-based mentoring relationships with mentors from industry and academia. In addition, the MentorNet Community provides opportunities to connect with others from around the world who are interested in women's issues in engineering and science. Read more About MentorNet.

MentorNet Results:
The first and largest program of its kind, MentorNet takes mentoring to a higher level. MentorNet is backed by an extensive network of some of some of the world's largest companies, top colleges and universities, and professional societies. MentorNet's approach is based on state-of-the-art research. Regular independent evaluations measure its results.

What if I have never mentored anyone before?
MentorNet provides online training, coaching and consulting and an online community further help mentors and proteges make the most of the opportunity.

How Can I Participate?
Participation in MentorNet is free for students and mentors. All you need is an email address. Then follow these steps:

Step One:
Register as a member of the MentorNet Community at www.mentornet.net

Step Two:
Create a mentor profile; this can be done at any time of the year

Step Three:
Wait to be notified that a protégé has chosen you.

Step Four:
Review the profile of your potential protégé.

Step Five:
Accept the match or decline and wait to be matched with a difference protégé.

For more information please Or visit , or e-mail info@mentornet.net.


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