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Media Coverage of the UN-Sigma Xi Climate Change Report

Professors Rosina Bierbaum and John Holdren Give a Short Synopsis of a New Report by the UN Foundation and Sigma Xi

The Hindu (India)
Are the Reefs Dying?

The Los Angeles Times
Conservation May Limit Global Warming

The Washington Post
Scientists Offer Climate Plan to U.N.

USA Today
Study: 'Tipping point' for Climate Is Near

AAAS Town Hall Probes Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change

The Boston Herald
Scientists Offer Plan to U.N. for ’Civilization to Rise’ to Climate Challenge

United Press International
Analysis: Roadmap for Climate Change

Environmental News Service
UN Given Roadmap to Meet Climate Challenge

New Scientist
United Nations' Scientists Join Climate Change Chorus

The Internationl Herald Tribune
New Alarms Are Rung on Perils of Global Warming

Past and Current AAAS Leaders Aid Climate Change Report for United Nations

The Christian Science Monitor
'Green' Governors, a Warmer Lake, and Al

Clean Energy Investments Vital, U.N. Panel Says

The UN Chronicle
A Call for Action on Climate Change

ABC News
U.N. Climate Panel: Big Money Needed for Clean Power

The Guardian (United Kingdom)
Build Inland, UN Climate Report Warns

The Toronto Star
Boost Clean Energy: UN Report

The Turkish Daily News
U.N. Gets Climate Plan: Mobilize, Triple Research Dollars, Set Ceiling on Temperatures

The Taipei Times (Taiwan)
Build Inland, UN Climate Report Warns

The Financial Express (Bangladesh)
Fighting Warming Key to Anti-Poverty Goals

World News Australia
UN Urges Climate Change Action

Inter Press Service News Agency
Fighting Warming Key to Anti-Poverty Goals

The Mail and Guardian (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Fight Global Warming Now, New Study Warns

The Hindu (Chennai, India)
An Environmental Wake-Up Call

Canoe Network (Canada)
Only Big Strides in Clean Energy Can Head Off Worst Climate Change: Scientists

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Media Contacts
Charles Blackburn, Sigma Xi Communications Manager
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Katherine Miller, UN Foundation Communications Director
202-778-1622, kmiller@unfoundation.org


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