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Video: Connections - Nurturing Students of Science (2010)

Sigma Xi, has been featured by the National Education Report for its distinguished contributions to the advancement of education nationally and internationally. Two video segments were created, and the short documentary aired on public and cable television stations in the U.S. and abroad and is also available below and on YouTube.

The videos feature highlights of the Society's history and activities in support of science and engineering since its founding at Cornell University in 1886.

An overview of the Society is provided through interviews with Executive Director Emeritus John F. Ahearne, former American Scientist Associate Editor Christopher Brodie, Sigma Xi Programs Manager Elsa Youngsteadt and Ryan Mills, the recipient of a Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research.

Short Video (1:08):

Long Video (10:47):

Right click on the links below to download the videos:

CONNECTIONS: Windows Media Long Version

CONNECTIONS: Windows Media Short Version

CONNECTIONS: QuickTime Movie Long Version

CONNECTIONS: QuickTime Movie Short Version

The Sigma Xi video segment on the National Education Report (NER) series hosted by Hugh Downs aired in the top 200 DMAs between March 15 and March 28 on several cable networks including but not limited to: CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Family Net and CNN Headline News.

Additionally, the producers anticipated our story being distributed to the Public Television affiliates and Voice of America/World Net during the week of March 22. They anticipate providing 10-20 stories to Public Television stations and Voice of America/World Net each month. The international distribution covers more than 100 countries through out the world.

Our national spot is scheduled to air during prime time via CNBC, but it has been slightly delayed. Our commercial has been sent to CNBC for airing approval, and our producers are awaiting response from CNBC's legal team. We will post the airtime as soon as it is available.

Sigma Xi gratefully acknowledges the support of the following donors, who made this video possible:

Kenneth B. Armitage
James F. Baur
David Paul Brown
Dean S. Edmonds, Jr.
James F. Campbell, Jr.
Nathaniel Chafee
Charles A. Lawson
James W. Porter
Maarten van Swaay
Gerald H. Takei


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